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Links to sets of pictures, etc.

Vermont, August, 2020
Egypt and Jordan, 2016 *
Rockies, 2015 *
Mothers Day, 2015
Wales, 2014 *
Columbus Day, 2014
Columbus Day, 2011
MaryAnn and Andrew Bramhall Wedding, October 1, 2011
Bramhall Boowah, 2011
Per, Jan, Katrina, Dylan in Vero Beach, March, 2011
New cat with kittens, 2011
Snow, January, 2011
Columbus Day 2010
Bramhall Boowah, July, 2010
The Katrina Turiano - Dylan Bramhall Wedding, May, 2010
Watery Spring 2010
Wellesley 2009
Jan birthday 2008
Christmas 2008
Ice Storm, December 12, 2008
Thanksgiving, 2008, in Miami
Madison, October, 2008
The Scherers (and Carletons) in Vermont, August, 2008
Ford F-350 Diesel DRW Flat/Stake Body
Kitchen, starting June 13, 2008
With Sarah and Wes in Madison, WI, May, 2008
The Scherers in Acton, February, 2008
Vero Beach, February, 2008
The Scherers in Houston, TX, November, 2007
Julie & Andy's Wedding, November 10, 2007, Belize
Columbus Day 2007
George in pictures
Sarah's Masters Degree, May 2007
The Scherers in Houston, TX, March, 2007
Christmas 2006
Betty's property, Claverack, NY, November, 2006
Concord Train Luncheon, October 25, 2006
Cape Cod, August 31, 2006
Scotland 2006
Independence Day 2006
The new kitten (June, 2006)
Memorial Day 2006
Christmas 2005
Jim Werder's 70th Birthday, November, 2005
Columbus Day, 2005, in Vermont
Andi, Nick, Madge, Lang, Jan, and Mark in Boulder, September 2005
What not to do with one's tractor
Jan, Mark, et al. on the Ailuk, April 2005
Christmas 2004
Our Kubota B7800 is delivered (2-Dec-2004)
Just before Thanksgiving, 2004, in Madison, WI
Veteran's Day 2004 with Liam, Edie, Blake, and Bill
Per et al. at Nancy's
Edie and Liam orienteering and recent pictures
Jan and Dylan in Vietnam (Dylan's pictures)
Emily and Jon's Wedding
Miller Pub get together without the Millers!
Betty, George, and friends cycling
Sarah and Wes's new house in Madison, WI
Jan and Mark in London and on the QE2
Jan's blooming flower (when she was visiting Per in Florida)
Jan, Mark, et al. on the Ailuk, January 2004
Christmas 2003
Jan and Dylan in Vietnam (Jan's pictures)
Jan, Mark, et al. in the Cotswolds, etc.
Jan and her mother in Alaska and at her brother's, July/August 2003
Sarah and Wes, May 2003
Christmas 2002
126 Quarry Road or Frutti di Bosco
15 Long Ridge Road
Two big lobsters
Per, Jan, and Mark in Paris, on the Seine, and in London
Aging Hippies Party
Jan, Mark, et al. in Italy
Bramhall Family Gathering at Seven Oaks

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