Jan and Mark in London and on the QE2

These two pictures are from other web sites and have appropriate credits in the picture.

Wow! This is "our" table in the Princess Grill (except it was set for six). It is on the port side, just inside Maitre D's desk at the entrance from the Upper Deck (which is a stairway down to the Quarter Deck).

The QE2 (left) and QM2 (right) docked in NYC. This was Sunday, April 25. We (the QE2) docked at about 7:30 AM after coming in via the harbor. The QM2 had been there for a couple of days. Both left at about 7:00 PM that evening for their side-by-side Eastbound crossing. We walked out of the QE2 and down the pier-front to by the front of the QM2, where our bus to LGA was. It was quite a site seeing both of them at once.

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